Ultrasonic Mass Flowmeters

Flokal B.V. ultrasonic flow meter adopts a state-of-the-art, single-board technology featuring high precision, high reliability, high performance, low price, etc. that make it the ultrasonic flow meter of choice by many customers from all over the world.


  • No down time for installation or maintenance(Clamp-on);
  • No pressure loss;
  • High accuracy and reliability and low  price;
  • Simple and easy installation;
  • The most advanced direct time measuring method with  the resolution of 0.2ns.;
  • Intelligent logic allows for high linearity;
  • Real-time printing(Portable only);
  • Various configurations available(Portable, wall-mount, panel-mount and hand-held types)
  • Excellent track records both in local and overseas markets



The flowmeter technology employed by our FMU series is called “Transit-time” ultrasonic technology. It is also called “time-of-flight” or “time-difference” ultrasonic technology. In this technology, one of the keys to the precision performance is its transmission and reception technology. Transit-time provides an innovative direct ultrasonic transmission technique that ensures reliable and accurate signal detection for a wide range of processes.

Model Flow Range Operating Temperatur Accuracy Output
FMU-Series As Required -20°C to +120°C ±1.0% of Reading 4-20 mA, Pulse, Batch Control Relay, RS-485, RS-232

Flow Meter and Flow Controller Solutions by Flokal B.V.

Flokal flow solution portfolio contains breakthrough product innovations designed to solve problems, increase profits and save costs. We have brought on the Flow Measurement market Thermal, Ultrasonic, Variable-area, Turbine, Orifice, Electromagmetic and Coriolis technologies of flow meters and flow controllers.


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