Glass Tube Rotameters


Glass Tube Rotameters are rugged, versatile and accurate variable area (VA) flow meter offering 2.0% full scale accuracy.   It’s based on simple and easy-to-understand flow measuring principle but is versatile in the types of fluid it can measure and site conditions. 

The meter is manufactured to the user’s application specifications. So, there’s no configuration or calculation required at the time of installation or operation.  So, it’s simple to install and operate. 

The flow rate is indicated by a combination of the index inscribed on the tapered glass tube and the float.  Optionally, it can also output alarm contact signal for low and/or high set points for flow controlling processes.

Various materials can be used for wetted parts. So, the meter can handle almost all liquids and gases that are highly corrosive.

FKA Series

These flow meters are Flange(PT’’) connecting flow meters convenient for use with industrial pipe, and have high effectiveness and stability with simple structure. They are superior flow meters using taper tube made of Pyrex Glass constructed to improve temperature limit and mechanical qualities.


FKB Series


FKB series has the same form like FKA series with guide bar removed. For the stability of the float the angle has been reduced and compared with the FKA series this flowmeter has lower flow rate. 

FKT Series

Flokal B.V. Glass Tube Rotameters are the Teflon Lined Glass Tube Flowmeters. This flowmeters are able to messure flows of acid, Corrosive Liquids and Gases.

Model Flow Range - Water Flow Range - Air Operation Pressure Operating Temperatur Output
FKA Series 0,03 - 80 m3/h 0,3 - 1500 m3/h Max. 12 kgF/cm2G Max. 120°C (Metal Body, VitonSeal) (PVC Body 60°) Alarm Switch Contact
FKB Series 0,003 - 4,5 m3/h 0,006 - 80 m3/h Max. 10 KgF/cm2 Max. 120°C (Metal Body, VitonSeal) (PVC Body 60°) Alarm Switch Contact
FKT Series 35 - 40000 m3/h 0,15 - 1000 m3/h Contact us for more details Max. 150°C Contact us for more details

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