Turbine Mass Flowmeters

Turbine meters have found widespread use for accurate liquid and gas measurement applications. The unit consists of a multiple-bladed rotor mounted with a pipe, perpendicular to the liquid flow. The rotor spins as the liquid passes through the blades. The rotational speed is a direct function of flow rate. Electrical pulses can be counted and totalized. 

All the meters are calibrated accurately before shipment and shipped with test and calibration report to ensure the accuracy of the meter.

Meters that exceed the standard flow  ranges can also be manufactured.


  • Highly accurate and repeatible
  • Eexcellent long-term reliability
  • Installation flexibility
  • Economic and cost-effective solution for applications requiring high accuracy
  • Only one moving part reduces maintenance cost
  • A wide selection of materials
  • A wide selection of output options


Flokal B.V. Turbine Flowmeter series FMT measures liquid, gas and steam with low viscosities with high accuracy.  

Model Flow Range - Water Flow Range - Air Operation Pressure Operating Temperatur Output
FMT-Series 0.03 - 1800 (m3 /h) 1.5 - 4000 (Am3 /h) Max. 6.3 MPa -20°C to +120°C 4-20mA, Pulse

Flow Meter and Flow Controller Solutions by Flokal B.V.

Flokal flow solution portfolio contains breakthrough product innovations designed to solve problems, increase profits and save costs. We have brought on the Flow Measurement market Thermal, Ultrasonic, Variable-area, Turbine, Orifice, Electromagmetic and Coriolis technologies of flow meters and flow controllers.


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