Orifice Mass Flowmeters

Flokal B.V. Orifice Mass FlowmetersOrifice meters are the most popular flow meter in use today. They are simple in structure but render high accuracy. Their additional merits are that they can measure large flows in big pipes, they are easily availble, they are versatile(can be configured as mass flow meter by applying temperature and pressure compensators at relatively reasonable cost), etc. 
It can measure clean and dirty liquids and even slurries. And it can also be used for high-viscosity liquids. The meter can be used for gases also. These meters have found applications in a wide variety of industries including but not limited to paper/fiber, steel, petrochemical, food/beverage, air-conditioning, water treatment, chemical, etc. industries. 

Meters that exceed the standard flow  ranges can also be manufactured.



FKOP series combines a variable area flow meter (rotameter) and orifice flow meter principles. A small sized glass-tube or metal-tube variable area flow meter (rotameter) is attached to the meter tube that has an orifice on the inside. So, it’s a combination of orifice flow meter and variable area flow meter (rotameter). The main components of this series are meter body with orifice, connection, taper tube (glass or metal tube), float, isolating valve and options. 





FKOE series combines a dP (differential pressure) indicator/transmitter and orifice meter body and comes with versatile computation and analog and digital output options. The meter is installed in line with pipe using flange, screw or wafer (sandwich type) connections. 


Model Flow Range - Water Flow Range - Air Pressure Temperatur Accuracy Output
FKOE-Series 0,1 - 2500 m3/h 2,3 - 45000 m3/h dP Range: 0 ~ 10000 mmH2O; Line Pressure: 35 barg; Ambient Temperature: 0℃ ~ 60℃ ±1.0%, Reading 4-20mA, Pulse, RS-485
FKOP-Series 1,3-3000 m3/h 25-70000 m3/h Max. 10-20 KgF/cm2G ( above is available as option) -5°C - 300°C ±2%, F.S 4-20mA, Reed Switch, etc.

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