Coriolis Mass Flowmeters Overview


Flokal B.V. Coriolis Mass FlowmeterMeasurement of mass flow rate, mass total, volume flow rate and volume total, density and temperature of liquids, slurries and multiphase liquids are measured.


  • Mass flow and water content in oil fields and petrochemical plants;
  • Chemical process;
  • Food and beverage industries;
  • Pharmaceutical industry;
  • Paper mills (pulp);
  • Measurement of fuels such as LPG, LNG, etc.

Main Features:

  • High accuracy and precision of 0.2% of reading;
  • Wide Turndown Radio;
  • Can measure liquids of all types, slurries and multiphase liquids (solids or air bubbles mixed inside liquid);
  • Wetted parts are stainless steel and can be used for corrosive liquids;
  • Mass flow, volume flow, density and temperature measurement without additional instruments;
  • Measurement acuracy not affected by whether laminar or turbulent and there's no need for flow profile stablization by means of  flow straightner or straight pipe sections upstream or downstream;
  • Minimal pressure loss;
  • No moving parts, longer life and easy maintenance.


Flow Meter and Flow Controller Solutions by Flokal B.V.

Flokal flow solution portfolio contains breakthrough product innovations designed to solve problems, increase profits and save costs. We have brought on the Flow Measurement market Thermal, Ultrasonic, Variable-area, Turbine, Orifice, Electromagmetic and Coriolis technologies of flow meters and flow controllers.


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